Should I consider BlueHost for web hosting?

With the online business blooming during this pandemic, websites play an important role so as to reach the target audience. It is one of the most crucial elements that help in branding and creating a strong online presence.

Creating an attractive website is just one part, it is equally important to host the website through a provider which is reliable and suits one’s needs.

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In this article, I will walk you through the features, pricing and things to watch out for while considering BlueHost as the provider.

Explore the world of hosting by signing up on BlueHost!

BlueHost is the one-stop-shop for all the web services required. It is very well known for its reliability and affordable prices. To top it, it is one of the hosting companies which is endorsed by WordPress.


  1. Great uptime — 99.99%
  2. Customizable control panel (cPanel)
  3. Provision for a DIY site builder
  4. SSL certification and SEO tools for free
  5. Free domain name for the first year
  6. Good documentation and tutorials
  7. Consultations with a marketing professional
  8. Availability of free email addresses specific to the domain
  9. Various add ons of site tools
  10. Fairly good security features
  11. Provision of Cloudflare integration along with free premium Cloudflare CDN
  12. Offers 30-day money-back guarantee

Watch out for:

  1. Only Linux hosting is available, no windows hosting yet
  2. To ensure complete security, daily backups should be done by the user


  1. Basic plan — ₹499/month
  2. Plus plan — ₹679/month
  3. Choice Plus plan — ₹919/month
Source: Author
Source: Author

If the features and pricing are what you are looking for then BlueHost is highly recommended. Moreover, due to its good performance, reliability, user-friendly options and money-back guarantee it surely will ease your hosting experience and make it super easy.

Hope this article gives you a clear picture about BlueHost and helps you decide if its the right fit for you!



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